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Our ability to deal effectively with our emotions in the workplace is critical to our success as leaders. As the pace of the world increases and our environment makes more and more demands on our cognitive, emotional and physical resources, Emotional Intelligence is increasingly critical as a skill set. Emotional Intelligence strategies combine with native intelligence increase our ability to successfully manage the constant challenges from those we serve and those we lead.

Through skill-building exercises and group discussion, this course will provide you with the opportunity to identify your own challenges in maintaining positive environments and collaborative relationships as well as overcoming resistance and negativity. Participants will explore tools, techniques, skills, and perceptions to perform your role and manage your emotions with confidence and positive results

Critical objectives for emotional intelligence:EQ

§  How to recognize and understand the five competencies for building Emotional Intelligence

§  Self-motivation and job satisfaction as factors that contribute to high performance

§  Practical tools and skills for communicating effectively, assertively, and collaboratively

§  Influencing and partnering skills

§  Communication approaches and skills for developing relationships and ownership for successful outcomes and follow through

§  How to choose perceptions and behaviors that will lead to positive outcomes


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