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A crisis is a defining moment for an organization. The way a company manages an adverse event—particularly in the current economic environment—can severely threaten or greatly enhance its operations, investor confidence, customer loyalty, employee morale, and community standing—essentially its reputation. Preparing for a crisis is not a luxury; it is a necessity. The odds are high that your organization will suffer a disaster or crisis at some point. You cannot say you weren't ready; today's extreme public and government scrutiny demand that you should have been prepared. 

There are six critical objectives that we aim to achieve during a crisis:Storm

  • Protect the brand, valuation, and reputation of the company or organization
  • Demonstrate command of a situation through active communications
  • Ensure accurate representation of facts in the media and by other third parties
  • Engage with stakeholders to maintain credibility and strengthen relationships
  • Reduce legal and/or political consequences
  • Ensure business continuity

This presentation will discuss the importance of these critical objectives as well as how an organization can prepare for a crisis and how to respond when one occurs.  





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